Monday, June 30, 2014

First Of Many

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So I guess I have a blog now.  Cool.

I've actually kept a journal for about seven years already, but I figured taking the leap from pen and paper to an online blog was probably beneficial for me.  I'm practically always on the computer anyways so I might as well write while I'm here.

I'm going off to college in about two months and I think this will be a nice way to document all my experiences of way-too-early classes and my desperate attempts of trying not to gain the freshman fifteen.  For the two months until then, there will probably be posts about my friends and I hanging out, which almost always consists of us watching a movie and eating way too much food.  

As to the name, I spent a good hour and a half trying to come up with the perfect url for my blog that wasn't already taken, and I have settled with Absterdam, a nickname my sister calls me.  Still not sure if I am fully happy with it, but also not sure if I care enough to ever change it to something else.


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