Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Playlist

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I am constantly listening to music and trying to find new bands to follow, and recently I have been listening to so many great artists.  Some of them I just found out about, and others I have known about for years, but I have been playing their music nonstop.  I picked only one song from each artist, which was extremely difficult to do because all their songs are flawless, but either way you should check them all out on Spotify or Youtube.

1. Paper Knees // The Careful Ones

I heard this song playing in the background of a Youtube video and immediately looked it up.  This is my favorite song from the album, but all of the tracks are really great.  I've been listening to the album for only a couple weeks now, but it already one of my favorites.

2. We'll Be Fine // Action Item

I literally just heard about these guys two days ago.  I saw them open for MKTO and immediately fell in love.  This was my favorite song they performed.  Their energy on stage was contagious, and I got to meet them after the show and they were such nice people.  Definitely listen to them!!  They only have a few songs on Spotify but I think you can find more on Youtube.

3. Wild Things // San Cisco

My friend told me about San Cisco a few months ago and I have been listening to them all summer.  It was very difficult for me to pick just one song from them, since all of them are so great.  I love Wild Things, and the music video for it!!  You should also listen to Fred Astaire.

4. Gold // Sir Sly

This is another band I got to see live, when they were opening for The 1975 a few months ago.  They were such great performers!!  This song is by far my favorite.

5. Menswear // The 1975

Asking me to choose a favorite song from The 1975 is impossible for me.  I've been listening to this album everyday for a few months now, it's always playing in my car, and I don't think I could ever get bored of it.  As I mentioned before, I got to see them perform live and it was the most amazing concert.  Listen to this album.  That's the best advice I can give you.

6. 3005 // Childish Gambino

I fell in love with Donald Glover when he was on Community, so when I heard about his album Because The Internet, I was very pumped.  I love this song, I love him, and you will too.

7. The Man // Ed Sheeran

So you may have heard of this guy, he's just a bit famous, but Ed Sheeran's new album finally came out.  Everyone is already in love with it, as am I.  The Man is my favorite song right now, but my favorites tend to change a lot with this album.

8. Lost Queen // Pharrell Williams

I am a huge fan of Pharrell's, not just this album, but of all the work he does producing and collaborating with other artists as well.  Lost Queen, Come Get It Bae, and Hunter are my favorite songs from his album.

9. 18 // 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer have recently become the biggest news in music.  They just released their debut album, and I have been listening nonstop.  I've been a fan of their's for quite a long time now, and seeing them go from youtube covers to playing small venues to where they are now has been incredible.  I love every single song on this album, and couldn't be any prouder of these guys.

10. Band Boys // Tiffany Houghton

So Tiffany Houghton was another artist I got to see open for MKTO a couple of nights ago.  She is such a talented singer, and her band was amazing (and the drummer was gorgeous).  Band Boys is a cute little song about boys in bands (shocker), but there isn't any recorded version, so you can only listen to live performances.

This is just some of the music I have been super into at the moment.  Let me know if you also like any of these artists, and who else you have been listening to lately!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Playlist Live, 4 Months Later

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So, this post is about four months late, but I didn't have this blog when it happened so I figured better late than never, right?  Basically, back in March I was lucky enough to go to Playlist Live in Orlando.  I never want to forget that weekend because it was the most incredible time, so I thought writing it all down was the best way to remember it.


So we drove up on Friday and literally as we drove into the parking lot, Dan and Phil were standing there talking to a group of fans.  By the time we got to them, though, they were leaving already.  (This happened to us about four other times that weekend, specifically with Dan and Phil).

Basically, we just walked around the hotel lobby and the pool and outside area on Friday and ended up running into a bunch of people!

Sam Pepper

Jim Chapman (sooo tall) & Marcus Butler (sooo fit)

Louis Cole

Mike Falzone

Ricky Dillon

JC Caylen

Frankie Grande



Jonah Green

I also met Connor Franta and Sawyer Hartman, but I look absolutely horrible in those pictures so I didn't want to post them.


So we woke up early this day to get in line for the Expo Center because we wanted to get into the meet and greet for Marcus, Jim, Joe, Alfie, and Caspar.  We ended up getting into the meetup, but it wasn't really organized very well and our time when meeting them was cut down completely.  We waited until almost everyone had left, though, so we could get a bit more time with them.

They were all sooo sweet and lovely.  And while we were waiting, Caspar looked at us and shook his butt and it was probably the most magical thing that's ever happened to me.  After that, we kind of just walked around and looked for more people (again) and had extremely good luck (again)!

Joe Sugg


Ben Cook

Jack Howard (he said he liked my shades)


Again, everyone was as nice as could be.  We didn't meet as many people on this day because the meetup took up a lot of time, but it was still an amazing time.


So we were considering going to a meetup on Sunday with Zoe, Louise, and Tanya, but since the meetup on Saturday was unorganized and long, we decided against it.  Instead, we walked around (that really is the best way to meet people) and met people who we honestly didn't think we were going to meet, like Tyler, Troye, Zoe, Louise, and Tanya.  Sadly, we didn't get pics with Louise or Tanya, but Louise talked with us a little bit and gave us candy.  
Troye Sivan (one of the sweetest people I met)

Dan! and...


Jim Chapman (again)

Sam Pepper (again)

Sam Pepper (and again)

Tyler Oakley!! (still can't believe it)

Marcus Butler (again)

Caspar Lee (again) ((taking a pic before we were ready))

MazziMaz (again)

Joe Sugg (again)

Zoe!! (one of the other sweetest people I met)

Alfie (again)

It was one of the most amazing weekends I have ever had, and the entire ride back home my friend and I were so sad that it had to come to an end.  All the youtubers I met were nothing but nice to all their fans.  I cannot even explain how great everyone was, especially Troye and Zoe.  They were such genuine people, and it was obvious they were just as happy to meet their fans as their fans were to meet them.

Have any of you ever met any youtubers?  Let me know!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just Some Dorm Decor

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These past few days I have been crazy busy.  Since I'm moving to college in less than a month now (what the what?!) I have been shopping for all sorts of dorm related items and have actually had insane luck.  I've bought almost everything I needed to get, which is a huge weight off my chest.  Even though I'm still pretty stressed and anxious about starting school (it's been hard for me to sleep and I've been getting hiccups a lot), it's nice to know that I have everything I need for a nice dorm room.

I would post pictures of everything but it's currently sitting in bags in a pile on the floor.  Maybe once I'm moved in I will be able to post some photos of my (hopefully) well-put-together room.  Until then, here are just a few of the cuter items I bought:

The pillow and the bedding are from Urban Outfitters, the chair is from Target, and the throw is from Pier One.  All in all, I'm pretty excited about how everything is coming along so far.  Shopping for dorm stuff has been overwhelming (there's soooo much to get!!) but it's also been a fun time.  It's getting me more pumped for when school starts :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Brandy Melville Obsession

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Recently, I have been spending an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through the Brandy Melville website.  I absolutely adore all of their clothes and jewelry, and it's gotten to the point where I've practically memorized all of their inventory.  I've gotten in the habit of adding about half of their store to my cart, and then never buying any of it because I'm a broke student.  These are my Brandy Melville top picks.  The pictures are links to the individual products.  If you aren't broke, you should definitely look through their stuff!!  It's all flawless, I promise.













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