Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"New Coffee Addiction"

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So I've been feeling really awesome recently.  Spring semester has started up and, though I was dreading starting school again over winter break, I have been loving Spring '15 so far!  My classes are pretty great, and much more hands-on than the ones I took last semester.  I'm already learning Premiere Pro and how to write stories for broadcast news.  I also know more kids in my classes now, which is always nice.

I've just been feeling very organized and productive.  I planned out a weekly schedule, started managing yet another social media account for a group on campus, going to the library a few times a week, I've been keeping my space very clean, and I'm (attempting) to start taking a yoga class once a week.  Who knows if I will stick with it but, for now, I'm pretty happy.

don't be fooled by how floral grunge i look

I hope these first few weeks of 2015 are a reflection of how the rest of the year will go.  Oh, and while I'm here, I'll just say that winter break was pretty great too!! My cousin's water broke at a family party and she had her baby the next day, so that's cool; we got in a minor car accident which isn't great, but it added some excitement I guess; my sister turned 21 and bought us alcohoooooooool (but they were basically just wine coolers); and New Years Eve was the best (king's cup, anyone?).

Here, have some evidence of my fun times:

part of da crew reunited

blurry pic from new years

fave pic from new years tbh

me and the sis after eating an insane amount of dessert breakfast food

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