Monday, July 14, 2014

A Family Vacation (ft. Dr. Penis)

Posted by Abby at 7:53 AM
For the past week and a half, I've been in Virginia visiting family and walking around very old buildings.  My niece was just born last month so we went up to meet her, as well as visit with the rest of my family there.  What a vacation, from a doctor signing his name as "Dr. Penis" to me getting my nails painted bright yellow by a lady who hated my guts, it was quite a fun time.  I tend to forget how beautiful Virginia is, but I mean




place. (And my parents).

It's so beautiful up in Virginia, I wish I could spend more time there.  We spent some time doing the tourist-y stuff, but mostly we just spent time hanging out with family.  (Which was great, because chilling out with no real plans makes for a nice, relaxing vacation).  I think about 50% of the time I was there was spent holding this baby because, I mean, look how sweet she is!

The other 50% was spent reading to, playing puzzles with, and tickling these two crazy kids.  (They're pretty sweet, too!) ((Even though one of them kicked me in the face.))  (((But I'm not bitter.)))

It was overall an absolutely fantastic time, and hopefully I will be able to visit again soon, especially because these kids are going to grow up so fast!  (Do I sound old...?)  But anyway, just thought I would share a little recap of my trip.  I miss it already!!


  1. It look so pretty and it looks like you've had a lot of fun. Lovely post.




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