Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer, Siblings, and Sprained Ankles

Posted by Abby at 2:01 PM
This summer, I went to Virginia and Georgia to visit my two brothers and their families.  It was, of course, a great time for everyone, and I found myself again feeling like an old lady saying "These kids grow up so fast!".

We started the trip in Atlanta.  Highlights of this leg of the trip included seeing Tomorrowland with my nieces, and hiking a beautiful trail with the whole fam.  Also messing around with the app MyIdol, which was hilarious.  I'd say a good 40% of my conversations with the girls included at least one "Can I use your phone?".  The two of them are at awesome ages right now (almost 9 and 11), so it was fun to bond with them and have actual conversations with them, instead of just making butt jokes.  (Although who doesn't love a good butt joke now and then.)
We then went to Virginia to visit my other brother and his family.  We had a small birthday party for my little niece who just turned 1, which was as adorable as it sounds.  We also saw her take her first steps which was (surprisingly) exciting.  I hung out a lot with my nephews, as well.  Those two are adorable and rambunctious and sweet little cuddle-y nuggets.
All in all it was a fantastic vacation, except for the part when I sprained my ankle while looking at open houses.  That was kind of a bummer.  A summer bummer.


  1. looks like you had a lovely time, apart from spraining your ankle looks painful! x

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